Newnan man guilty in drug trafficking case

A 26-year-old Newnan man on Nov. 9 was found guilty of trafficking in cocaine in Coweta County Superior Court and will serve 15 years in prison. The case stemmed from a bust at a Newnan hotel last Christmas Eve.

Robert Beasley was sentenced by Judge Jack Kirby to 30 years. Beasley will serve 15 years and received a $200,000 fine for trafficking in cocaine, according to Assistant District Attorney Timothy Marlow. Also found guilty in the case and sentenced to 10 years probation and a $2,500 fine for cocaine possession was 21-year-old Newnan resident Kayla Stewart, Marlow said.

Commenting on the case, Marlow said Stewart rented a room for herself and Beasley at a Newnan hotel on Dec. 24, 2011. Newnan police arrived at approximately 11 p.m. after receiving complaints about marijuana smoke coming from the area. Officers entered the room after knocking and receiving no response. The smell of marijuana was stronger inside the room, Marlow said, adding that marijuana was seen on the dresser and that 37 grams of crack and powered cocaine and $13,000 in cash were discovered.

The hotel’s video camera revealed that four individuals had entered and exited the room during the four hours that elapsed since Stewart rented the room, though Beasley and Stewart were the only two seen carrying anything into the room, Marlow said. Beasley upon being questioned by officers denied any knowledge of “anything going on” in the room. His statement was contradicted by one of the four individuals in the video, Marlow said.

“Today the system has worked yet again. The jury returned a verdict that spoke the truth in this matter. Mr. Beasley is a repeat drug offender and this is the fourth incident that he has been convicted of committing related to drug activity. In fact, Mr. Beasley had only been out of prison for a few short months and was still on parole when he committed this offense. Such repeat drug offenders deserve the prison sentences that they receive. Make no mistake, this was a repeat drug dealer who was taking advantage of the addictions of others to materially benefit himself. I am thankful to the jury for finding him guilty,” said Marlow.