Peachtree City writer, radio host helping those hurt by abortion


They thought they were simply exercising a choice. But for the millions of American women impacted by the experience of abortion, the spiritual and emotional toll is high. One out of every three American women has had an abortion. And they all think they are the only one. And since almost half of all abortions are repeat procedures, they may be overwhelmed with guilt and grief — or dismayed to feel nothing at all.

Peachtree City resident Kim Ketola (also known as Kim Jeffries) shares a message of hope for healing the many spiritual problems stemming from abortion through the new weekly program, Cradle My Heart Radio, broadcast in the Atlanta area on WMVW NewLifeFM, and on a network of stations nationally. Each Sunday evening from 9-10 p.m., EDT, listeners will be invited to call and share their questions with a featured guest. The debut program on Sept. 9 featured Cecil Stokes, producer of the acclaimed feature film “October Baby.” Upcoming guests include Ryan Bomberger and other national experts. For complete station listings see

Ketola (“Kim Jeffries”) has more than 30 years of experience hosting daily live programs on CBS WCCO Radio and TV, KTIS and Faith Radio Network and others. The radio program follows her book, Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion (Kregel, 2012), which was awarded first place in the Sonfire Media contest at the 2010 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference and features a foreword by Ruth Graham.

Cradle My Heart includes stories of God’s love restoring women from every walk of life, and features surprising statistics which put the problem in context:

• Two-thirds of abortions go to single women in their early 20s who feel alone in their choice.

• Depression, drug use, eating disorders, promiscuity, and other issues may begin or worsen.

• Homicide and violence are twin dangers of coercion and lack of choice for pregnant women.

• Finding help is impeded by professional counselors dismissing the pain women experience.

• Racial disparities mean added grief for women of color.

• Medically-advised abortions lead to a 92 percent abortion rate for a prenatal diagnosis of Down’s syndrome.

These stories and statistics reframe the problem of abortion — beyond politics, medicine, or legal rights — as a spiritual issue within families, and one with lifelong consequences. Ketola’s message offers true encouragement that each heart may be healed and each life made new through the love of God.

Ketola will sign copies of the book at Saint Paul Lutheran Church on Sunday, Oct. 7 at 12 p.m., followed by a fellowship brunch to benefit Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center. The church is at 700 Ardenlee Parkway in Peachtree City, 770-487-0339. Suggested donation for brunch is $5 and book sales will benefit FPRC.