Fayette officers nab 4 burglary suspects on the same day

Fayetteville police and Fayette County sheriff’s deputies have been busy catching suspected burglars, netting four perps on the same day in two separate incidents.

Two College Park man were arrested on burglary charges Aug. 21 as they attempted to drive off after break-ins at two businesses located at Kenwood Road and Ga. Highway 85.

Twenty-eight year-old Keith T. Corker, of College Park, was charged with two counts of burglary and one count of loitering or prowling, and 22-year-old Marquis C. Nesmith, of College Park, was charged with two counts of burglary, DUI drugs, loitering or prowling and vehicle violations, according to arrest records.

Sheriff’s spokesman Brent Rowan said deputies at approximately 4 a.m. were conducting a routine check at the business complex when they discovered that the front door of one of a vacant business was shattered and the door was slightly ajar. Further investigation showed that a rock had been thrown through the door, Rowan said.

Rowan said deputies also found that the front door of an occupied business had also been broken in the same manner.

While on the scene, deputies saw a vehicle leaving the immediate area and conducted a traffic stop, said Rowan. Corker and Nesmith were in the vehicle, along with several pieces of lawn maintenance equipment that had been stolen from one of the businesses that had been burglarized, Rowan said.

Meanwhile, in Fayetteville, an Atlanta man and woman were arrested Aug. 21 on burglary charges after they were found hiding inside an abandoned home off White Road.

Arrested at the scene on burglary charges were 25-year-old Joan Padro-Sierra, of Atlanta, and 41-year-old Brandon L. Ezzard, also of Atlanta, according to arrest reports.

Fayetteville Police spokesman Steve Crawshaw said officers received a call at 1:25 a.m. about a suspicious person at an abandoned house on Jacob Court off White Road.

Officers arriving at the scene noticed the garage door partially open with a truck inside, Crawshaw said, adding that the officers entered that garage and heard people inside the home. The officers then entered the house and announced themselves, said Crawshaw.

Officers heard noise coming from upstairs and went to investigate. They found a door to a small storage area open, with Ezzard and Padro-Sierra hiding inside, Crawshaw said.