Outcome Medical of Georgia LLC moves offices and expands services

Don Dixson, President of Outcome Medical of Georgia announced today that they have relocated their office from Fayetteville to Peachtree City and Jamie Walraven, M.D. will begin offering services in the new space in January.

The medical office for Dr. Snyder and Dr. Walraven is located at 525 Westpark Drive, Peachtree City. The new space, according to Dr. Snyder, is on the first floor and is set up to not only offer his patients their very successful non-drug pain treatments, but with the new facility we can accommodate the procedures offered by Dr. Walraven.

Dixson who is the practice manager said they are very excited about the addition of Dr. Walraven, who is dual certified, including a board certification in antiaging medicine. He went to say that what she does is actually classified as regenerative medicine. Dr. Walraven said there have been major breakthroughs in ways to slow down aging, and, in many cases, to actually reverse the process.

“For example, I will work with Dr. Snyder with his pain patients because we know that declining hormones are, in many cases, a major contributing factor in chronic pain patients,” said Dr. Walraven. “We have the ability to do some pretty sophisticated testing on both men and women to assess their levels, and we have multi delivery methods to re-establish the patients’ hormones to levels they had when they were much younger.”

Dr. Snyder agreed.

“We have experienced some very impressive outcomes with our protocol that addresses pain problems at the cellular level. Over the years, thousands of patients have experienced positive outcomes when treated with this technology,” Dr. Snyder said. “I think Dr. Walraven adds an additional dimension to our protocol, and we expect to achieve even greater patient outcomes. Our new facility has space set up that will be devoted to infusion therapy, which is where Dr. Walraven will do IV nutritional therapy and detoxification, plus a host of other procedures all designed to help our patients regain their health and enjoy a better quality of life”

Dixson went on to say that their goal is to become the premier center for integrated health care on the south side. He says that chronic pain is one of the most prevalent problems facing the health care system today. Over 50 million Americans are affected by pain, creating enormous personal, societal, and financial hardships. Over 80 percent of all physician visits occur due to complaints of pain. He stated that healthcare cosst for pain is in the tens of billions of dollars annually, and direct health care cost can exceed 90 billion annually for back pain alone.

“We know that the primary care physicians don’t like to see their patients on the narcotic and antidepressant medications and we are optimistic that as they become aware of our success in treating chronic pain without these drugs we will see more referrals from these doctors,” Dr. Snyder said. “For now, however, we make our services available to people of this area and look forward to helping as many as we can.”

For more information, call Outcome Medical at 770-487-0029