PTC Rec employee fired for insubordination seeks reinstatement

A former Peachtree City parks and recreation maintenance crew member who was fired in October this week formally asked the city to overturn his dismissal.

Frank Bumpus made his case before an appeal board consisting of fellow city employees, who have five working days to make a decision.

Bumpus was fired in October for insubordination after he refused his crew leader’s order to wash a truck and subsequently refused to roll up his window when the crew leader decided to wash the truck himself on Oct. 13, according to city records.

According to a city memo, Bumpus became agitated and angry after saying he would wash the truck the following day, which happened to be when the crew leader was scheduled to be off.

Other city records show that Bumpus was suspended in November 2009 after taking a swing and cursing at the crew leader who had just asked him to go into the fields to work. Bumpus also grabbed the crew leader by his clothes twice in the chest during that altercation, the records stated.

Following that incident, Bumpus was placed on a 90-day probation and he also participated in the city’s employee assistance program, which he completed. Because of the program’s positive report and based on his job performance, Bumpus was reinstated to regular fulltime status with the city in February of this year.