Peachtree City advises caution when charging golf carts

To prevent potential explosions, Peachtree City residents are being advised to charge their golf carts either outdoors or with the garage door open, city fire officials said this week.
The carts when charging emit hydrogen gas, which can cause an explosion or flash fire, officials cautioned. It is also recommended that carts be charged away from any open flame including those for gas water heaters, officials said.

The city is also warning cart owners to make sure the cart charger is plugged directly into a wall outlet that is protected by at least a 15 amp circuit breaker. Extension cords should not be used because most can’t carry the amperage required for the charger, and improperly sized extension cords have caused fires in the city, officials said.

For more information, residents should consult their golf cart owner’s manual, their golf cart retailer or the city fire marshal’s office at